Mr. and Mrs. Muffins’ Dreamy New Video

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins are a creative duo from Seattle, Washington. Partners in both life and music, the Muffins have carved their own distinctive niche in the world of music. Over the past decade the prolific pair have produced three albums of dreamy orchestral Jazz/Pop with equally ethereal visuals to match. 

“The Manhattan Slide and Other Songs for Dream Dancing” is the forthcoming fourth album from Mr. and Mrs. Muffins. Scheduled for release in April, the duo plans to drop a series of singles before the full album. If vinyl is your thing you can pre-order the record at BandCamp. It is a concept album of sorts, with Side A as the “Dancing” side and Side B as the “Dreaming” side.

“Dream Dancing” is the first single from the new album, released worldwide to YouTube on January 10, 2022. Both the song and video set a wonderfully chill retro mood. After an angelic intro of sweeping harp chords and multipart vocal harmonies the song kicks into a laid-back funk, and we enter the hypnagogic world of Mr. and Mrs. Muffins.

Mr. Muffins had a dream that they were dancing with a backdrop of clouds and music. The next day, he stole the music from that dream and wrote “Dream Dancing.”

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins

Cinematic strings, horns and a great bass groove all contribute to the song’s fabulous 70’s vibe. With alternating trumpet, trombone and harmonica solos, and Mr. Muffins’ mellow Pop tenor, the song’s sound lands somewhere between solo Paul McCartney and Jazz/Pop pioneer Chuck Mangione. Check out the very groovy “Dream Dancing” skateboarding video below. Follow the links below to connect with Mr. and Mrs. Muffins. Get on their socials and join the dream.

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