DX1 Deals New Roots Grooves, Dubwise


DX1 is a musical project that dates back to 1996. That’s when brothers Michael and Conrad decided to bring their love of Caribbean beats to the masses. The group’s sound is a mix of traditional Jamaican styles, downtempo 90’s dance music and modern Dub.

Although the two grew up in Leeds UK, their father exposed them at a young age to the Caribbean vibes of Rock Steady, Ska, Calypso and Reggae as well as classic American R&B and Jazz music. Since launching DX1 the duo has produced a string of groundbreaking instrumental records for their Cruise Digital record label.

The brothers recently dropped the new “Dubwise EP.” The 10-song record features a collection of lost gems and a fresh look at some DX1 classics. The record is a brilliant showcase of the group’s diverse and funky style. Some of the material has origins in their “Dubwise 1” (1996) and “Dubwise 2” (1998) records, while other tracks are previously unheard tunes and remixes.

From the rolling reggae bass, wah-wah guitar and wild percussion of the opening track “Joyful Dub” to the quirky groove and soulful urban Jazz of “I.D. Dub,” DX1 weave their varied influences into a hypnotic vibe. Ska horns and analog synths ride chilled-out organic and electronic hybrid grooves.

“Star Dub” rolls on an 80’s Synth-Pop groove while tracks like “Rainbow Dub” and “Urban Dub” introduce a cool psychedelic edge to the sound for a late-night oceanside vibe. “Lovers Delight” rides a slow and sexy Reggae/Jazz jam with an easy feel as a saxophone and trumpet each take their turns at lead.

“Sound Check” takes the sound into some cool Trip-hop directions. A violin shares space with the otherworldly voice of a theremin as a melodic synth bass provides the tune’s central melodic theme. The record ends on two new mixes of “Urban Dub” and “I.D. Dub,” each adding a bit of 2020’s flavor to the vibe.

Check out the videos “Sound Check,” “I.D Dub” and “Lovers Delight” below. You can also hear each song on the Deep Indie Dance playlist, or download the entire album at Bandcamp. Follow the links below to connect with DX1. Get on their socials and the Cruise Digital Music website for more Dub, Reggae and Ska riddims.

Sound Check
ID Dub
Lovers Delight





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