Terra – Making Hits On Her Own Terms


Terra is a multi-genre songwriter, producer and published poet. Unbound by restrictive stylistic classifications, she strives only to make a connection. She connects with listeners through her emotional and relatable real-life tales of love and heartache, and she connects with fellow musicians by finding exactly the right artist to match the mood of each piece she creates. She is an unconventional talent tackling the music business on her own terms.

People would be surprised to find out I’m a 60-something grandmother of five.


Since making her professional recording debut in May of last year, the prolific producer has already dropped seven singles. With each new release Terra further expands her rapidly growing international fanbase. Recorded in collaboration with rappers and singers from around the world, her songs have struck a chord with listeners. Although she works in multiple genres, four of the songwriter’s recent Hip-hop tracks are on fire.

Calling it Quits” is the latest single from Terra, released worldwide to all major streaming services on December 10, 2021. The track opens on a quirky Jazz piano riff. Rapper Luxury Rose enters the mix, delivering rhymes about her philandering man. The beat drops on a hard Trap groove as the scorned woman details the revenge she has planned.

Captives” rolls on a classic 70’s Soul vibe. R&B piano and strings set an emotional mood as emcee Quizno delivers a heartbreaking tale. He details his struggle to see his son and the unending drama caused by his ex. “It Was a Gift” looks at a breakup from the other side. Famed producer Xander Milne delivers a dramatic remix that matches the song’s slow Trap groove with 80’s Synthwave vibes as UK rapper Ambrosia reminds her ex of what he’s missing.

Don’t Forget” continues the retro vibe with an 8-bit electronic riff riding a slow and low old-school Hip-hop beat. A deep analog sawtooth synth bass enters that groove as rapper LucciDamus delivers a tell-all tale of a housewife and mother who is trying to hide her past as an exotic dancer. He taunts, “Don’t forget it, cause we sure won’t.”

Check out “Calling it Quits” below. You can also hear all four tracks on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, or listen to all of Terra’s music on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on her socials and join her on this musical journey.

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It Was a Gift
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Don’t Forget