Julian Petrin Gives His Rich Musical History New Life

Julian Petrin Gives His Rich Musical History New Life 1

Julian Petrin has spent the better part of the last three decades creating a deep catalog of genre-bending neo-classical, compositional ambient and downtempo electronica music. Throughout his career the German-Italian recording artist and composer has kept one foot in the world of music and the other in Urbanism, a science that studies the way in which humans interact with the environments they have created for themselves.

From his early years in Munich to the present day in his current hometown of Hamburg, Julian Petrin has explored the many sides of instrumental and electronic music. Recent renewed interest in his body of work has prompted his entry into the world of music streaming. One track at a time, his deep back catalog is being re-edited, remixed, remastered and re-released.

“Les folies” is the latest single from Julian Petrin. Originally released in 2012, the track found a new life in 2022 with a remixed version delivered worldwide to all major streaming services. It is the composer’s fifth release since the project began last year. With a more organic sound than the electronic compositions he has reissued to date, the chilled instrumental piece is centered around a melodic chord progression of rolling arpeggios.

A laid-back bass, drum and percussion shuffle sets the mood. The sounds of summer float on the horizon as that mellow groove rolls on and Julian Petrin’s left and right hands play complementary syncopated rhythmic melodies. The track has the feel of an instrumental take on the Jazz-infused 1970’s Pop of artists like Harry Nilsson. Petrin changes the key in the bridge for a slight shift in mood before returning to that beautiful airy vibe.

Check out “Les Folies” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Chill playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Julian Petrin. Get on his socials and get in the loop as his music is reintroduced to the world.

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