Angel Meléndez x Big Band Máquina

Angel Meléndez x Big Band Máquina

“Angel Meléndez x Big Band Máquina” is the new album from Grammy-nominated musician, composer and bandleader Angel Meléndez. Born in Puerto Rico and now residing in Chicago, he has worked as an arranger and a musical director for some of the world’s most renowned salsa artists. His list of clients and collaborators includes Latin superstars like Frankie Ruiz, Andy Montañez, Danilo Perez, Eddie Santiago and many more.

Released on September 18, 2021 on Hong Kong based Kong Records, the 12 track “Angel Meléndez x Big Band Máquina ” features a 13 piece brass orchestra and the full complement of a traditional Salsa band.  Over 30 musicians contributed to the record, including Salsa giant and fellow Chicagoan, Tito Allen who takes the spotlight on the album’s current single.

“Bailen Mi Guaguancó ” is the brand new single from “Angel Meléndez x Big Band Máquina,” available worldwide via all major streaming services and Bandcamp. The title translates to “dance my guaguancó.” Guaguancó is a traditional salsa dance, and “Bailen Mi Guaguancó ” is sure to get feet moving. Piano guajeos ride an infectious conga driven rhythm. Meanwhile the horn section weaves melodic Latin Jazz and salsa riffs and layered harmonies through that syncopated groove. At center stage, Tito calls us to the dance floor.

The “Bailen Mi Guaguancó” video pairs that perfect groove with scenes of beautiful people dancing on an idyllic beach. Check it out below. Follow the links below to connect with Angel Meléndez. Get on his socials and get connected to the rich musical history of this legendary musician. And head over to Bandcamp to download your copy of the superb “Angel Meléndez x Big Band Máquina.” 

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