Tucker Harrison – Lame Excuses

tucker harrison

Tucker Harrison is not a singer, songwriter or even a musician. As a matter of fact, despite the very human name Tucker Harrison is not a person at all. It is the title of a new project from an otherwise anonymous artist who became a songwriter, almost accidentally. 

While preparing to give a speech for his son’s wedding, the proud father decided he wanted to do a little something extra. Without any prior musical training he wrote some lyrics and then gave them to the wedding singer who set the tune to music. The final product was the song “Unexpected Pleasure.”

The tune was so well received that ‘Tucker’ was inspired to keep going. He had two more songs by the time he returned home from the wedding. The tunes kept coming, so he reached out to some musicians for hire on Fiverr. Soon he had a producer and a virtual band. The result of their collective efforts is the debut of Tucker Harrison.

“Lame Excuses” is the brand new album from Tucker Harrison, released worldwide to all major streaming services on December 18, 2021. The 13-song collection features a broad range of musical styles from a diverse ensemble of artists. The tracks range from acoustic Indie Folk to Adult Contemporary Pop and even a bit of EDM. 

The record opens with two versions of the track “Empty Vessel,” an acoustic Dark Pop tune that delivers a scathing assessment of a vacuous soul. The album follows with two very different takes on the title track. The first pairs a female vocalist with a Deep House groove, while the second is an acoustic Americana piece with a male vocalist.

As the album progresses, the Tucker Harrison team continues to experiment with multiple genres and a wide array of musical arrangements. From the Industrial bassline and Lo-fi beat of “OMG” to the Funk groove and melodic Rap of “Voicemail from God,” the record takes numerous stylistic turns. Songs like “American Dream” toy with musical theater while “Road to Normal ” and the sexy/funny “Poker Playing Wife” takes the record down a bluesy Country road.

The performances are excellent throughout. Although he is not a musician, the mysterious man at the helm is an award-winning journalist. His wordsmith skills are apparent in each witty turn of phrase and heartfelt serenade. It is a fun record featuring a team of talented artists from around the globe.

Check out the “Lame Excuses” album in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song “Lame Excuses” on the Deep Indie Dance playlist and “Empty Vessel” on Deep Indie Songwriters.

These tracks are available for other artists to perform, rearrange or otherwise utilize with generous collaboration terms. Contact tuckersharrison@gmail.com for more information.

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