PickleJar – New App Revolutionizes The Tipping Game

PickleJar is the ultimate live entertainment app with cash-free tipping for artists, musicians, and content creators.

Playing for tips is a practice as old as live music itself. At its best, it is a great way for fans and musicians to connect at a personal level. Appreciative audience members can look a performer in the eye and show their appreciation. Musicians are able to meet fans one on one, and get paid for what they do. In practical application however, playing for tips is often an uncertain and sometimes awkward exchange.

As an audience member it is often difficult to know the right time to approach the stage and drop money in the pickle jar at the artist’s feet. For many, there is simply never a good time to put oneself that close to the spotlight. And of course, tip jars don’t take cards. Fans either need cash in hand or need to make some sort of arrangement with the musician to transfer funds. This results in yet another awkward exchange as well as a disruption to everyone’s enjoyment.

For musicians, these realities create an uncertain and often nerve-wracking experience. Rather than focusing solely on their performance they need to be salespeople, hawkers. They see an empty pickle jar at their feet as they sing. In between songs they are forced to continually remind the crowd to tip, resulting in more awkwardness and diminishing that personal connection.

PickleJar is a brand new app designed to remove these obstacles and turn the tipping process into an intimate connection between artist and fan. PickleJar is the ultimate live entertainment app with cash-free tipping and payments for artists, musicians, and content creators. It instantly turns song requests, shout outs and audience participation into a fun, easy way to get more out of every live performance. It gives fans a reason to tip and it allows artists keep 100% of the money.

Not merely a cash app, PickleJar uses gaming-inspired features to give fans instant access to the performer through direct messages and picture sharing. Using the app allows them to earn loyalty rewards, achievement badges and exclusive Tip to Win giveaways. With every tip fans earn “PickCoins,” redeemable for free concert tickets, merchandise and VIP experiences.

For artists, PickleJar provides a completely free set of performance engagement and marketing tools. They are able to connect in real time with fans, venues and new audiences by enhancing rather than disrupting their performance. The folks at PickleJar combined the most useful and effective audience interaction tools into a single, easy to use app.

Because it is all digital, PickleJar can be used for any type of live performance, whether in person or virtual. It completely changes the entertainment experience on any stage, stream, or “PickSpot,” earning musicians money and fostering a real connection with the fans.

PickleJar is available now for free in the app store. The PickleJar Channel is live on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Watch the video below to learn more and head on over to PickleJar.com to get started today.

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