Fake Estate Ready New Pop/EDM Hit ‘Mile Away’

fake estate

Two years ago, Florida-based production team Fake Estate hit the scene with their debut single “Already Lost.” With that track they introduced a sound originating “from the darkest depths of Deep House.” With one eye on the club and the other on the charts, they are on the cutting edge of crossover EDM & Pop.

Since their debut, Fake Estate has produced a total of four singles. They include collaborations with other artists like vocalist Erisse on the track “Tomorrow” and producer m4lw4re on the track “Back Into Your Arms”. The latter was a sleeper hit, reaching tens of thousands of fans across multiple platforms. Throughout the entire time, they had another song waiting in the wings. Waiting for its time to shine.

“Mile Away ” is the brand new forthcoming single from Fake Estate. A hypnotic Deep House groove with an infectious Pop hook, the track is the culmination of the group’s effort these past two years. Written in honor one team member’s wife’s sizable assets, lyrically the track is centered around the lovingly hilarious line, “I can see your booty from a mile away.” 

Honestly, we felt that the music scene for pop in 2020 wasn’t ready for “Mile Away”. It wouldn’t be received as well if we released it two years ago. However, we are ready!

Fake Estate

Follow the links below to connect with Fake Estate. Get on their socials, dig into their back catalog and get ready for “Mile Away,” dropping everywhere April 1, 2022.

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