Russell Aquarius’ Lysergic Astrologies For A New Era

Russell Aquarius
Russell Aquarius

Russell Aquarius is a legendary 60’s Rock star who famously died onstage at the height of his popularity. However, both the singer and his career has been given new life in 2022, thanks to his number one fan. Alberta is a lonely computer programmer who has somehow brought her favorite dead rocker back to life.

That is the premise of the newly released award-winning sci-fi rock & roll rom-com “The Second Age of Aquarius.” The Weird Science meets Spinal Tap indie flick pairs high tech drama with modern romance, lots of laughs and a soundtrack as authentic as Jerry Garcia’s favorite bong. ‘Lysergic Astrologies’ is an anthology of the fictional rock star’s hit songs from the age of flower power and free love. All five of the songs on the EP were written and recorded by multi-instrumentalist Darren Gordon Smith. Smith is also the man behind the music for the cult classic film “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” 

Recorded on vintage gear by Zach Kasik and Wild Feather Studios in Nashville, in both sound and style the record perfectly replicates the groovy vibe of the fabulous 1960’s. From the Kinks-esque Pop/Rock bop of “Furry Freak” to the experimental funked-up trippy groove of “The Never Ending Cosmic Tour,” the record sounds like a long lost 8-track, unearthed from a 50 year-old time capsule. 

On “Scorpions Mantra” Smith dives even deeper into the psychedelic vibes of the late 60’s, conjuring a style and sound that lands somewhere between The Beatles and Pink Floyd. “Blue Movie” adds some Surf Rock fun and Velvet Underground-style seedy counterculture to the mix. The record even includes one ‘new’ song “Alberta,” written by Russell Aquarius in honor of his new 21st century girlfriend.

Check out “The Second Age of Aquarius” trailer and the entire ‘Lysergic Astrologies’ below, or listen to the EP on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the project. Get on their socials and dig into the groovy scene of Russell Aquarius.

Russell Aquarius – Lysergic Astrologies