Glory to Ukraine! Kilo House’s New Anthem for the Resistance

Kilo House’s emotional interview about ‘Glory to Ukraine’

Like the rest of America, Kilo House watched helplessly from half a world away as Vladimir Putin launched his war of choice against the Ukrainian people. Determined to do something, the musician and producer headed into his LA studio to produce a Bass Trap banger for the resistance.

“Glory to Ukraine!” is the new single from Kilo House available on all platforms. Inspired by the people of Ukraine and their president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the track is both an anthem for the cause and a somber reminder of the terror the people of Ukraine are currently enduring.

Air raid sirens howl as Kilo House’s unmistakable minor-key leads introduce a hard downtempo Trap beat. Zelenskyy’s words of defiance echo from our speakers as a subterranean bass drop rattles the floor. Kilo paints a vivid soundscape that encompasses both the horror of war and the heroism of a brave and honorable nation.

Kilo House is an artist, producer and the originator of the EDM genre Terror Trap. Since 2016 he has produced a string of successful singles, EPs and albums. Recently the ICON Collective graduate has been working on an instrumental album with multi-instrumentalist songwriter, The Static Dive. The two also co-host the weekly ‘House of Static‘ podcast on which they discuss art, life and inspiration from artists of all disciplines from around the world.

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Watch Kilo House’s emotional interview and listen to The Glory to Ukraine!

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Kilo House