Hayla Abraham’s New Songs From a Storied Life

hayla abraham
Hayla Abraham

Hayla Abraham is a singer, an educator, an adventurer and storyteller. The London native began singing as soon as she could speak and put pen to paper quickly thereafter. Before long the young poet was a songwriter. As far back as she can remember, music was the one reliable constant Hayla could turn to during good times and bad.

“It’s now a part of my identity. I love the way making sound makes me feel, and how you can transmit emotion to other people through songs.”

Hayla Abraham

In her twenties Hayla hit the road. She spent her time wandering and exploring. She lived in and studied at intentional communities and eco villages in both the United Kingdom and The United States. She even worked for a humanitarian clowning organization at one point.

Throughout her travels Hayla sang, danced and philosophized. She studied, wrote music and poetry, and searched for a sense of belonging. In the process she collected a wealth of heartache, questions, and stories.

Those experiences, and the artist’s curiosity for cultures from around the globe, now inform every note of Hayla’s music. With a timeless sound born of equal parts Appalachian Americana, traditional forms of Folk, a sprinkling of early blues, and contemporary Indie/Alt sounds, the singer delivers deeply personal acoustic narratives. She combines the musical sophistication of Joni Mitchell with a socially conscious and edgy Alt/Folk sensibility that brings to mind early Ani DiFranco.

Now the self-described “scrappy, romantic, heartbroken, wild-haired poet, with a sarcastic streak, a grand sense of humour,” is putting her stories to tape. Hayla is currently working on her debut album, scheduled for release later this year. The converted and curious alike can sample original demos and early mixes on her website haylalala.com

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