Sabine Alexander’s Melancholy Beauty ‘Tenebrasque’

sabine alexander

Sabine Alexander is the professional name of composer and pianist Alejandro González Martínez. Originally from Xalapa Veracruz, Mexico, as a child he moved with his family to McAllen Texas. It was a musical household in which the young artist’s creative interests were encouraged.

In addition to his love of music, Alejandro is an accomplished chef. As a young man he traveled to England to study French cooking and pastry courses at the Sabine De Mirbeck cordon Bleu cookery school. Throughout his life Sabine Alexander has remained committed to both his music and cooking. Even his artist name is a nod to these dual passions.

He started his first band ‘Los Cokiss’ as a child with his brothers. By the age of 10 he had already released his first vinyl single. Since then he has produced an impressive volume of work with over 150 singles to online streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This year alone he has released over 20 new tracks.

The prolific composer creates instrumental pieces with inspirations in Classical Contemporary, New Age, Ambient, World music and Rock. “Tenebrasque” is a recent single from Sabine Alexander, released worldwide to all major streaming services on July 8, 2021. Ambient synths open the track as a dramatic piano enters the mix, joined by a choir of voices.

As the track progresses the sound transitions into a melodic instrumental Adult Contemporary piece. Alexander’s piano is accompanied by an ensemble of strings, synths and woodwinds as he delivers a beautiful performance of this melancholy cinematic composition.

Check out “Tenebrasque” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Sabine Alexander. Get on his profiles and dig into his deep catalog of music.

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