The Woman Inside Digs Deep Into The Human Mind

the woman inside
Photo credit: Mim Schneider

The Woman Inside is a cross-disciplinary multimedia performance art project that uses the sounds and images of both the beautiful and grotesque to explore the darkest corners of the human experience. The genre-bending project is the brainchild of an otherwise anonymous German filmmaker and musician. 

With a visual aesthetic that lands somewhere between Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson and Leatherface, The Woman Inside mixes psychedelic art and live performance to challenge their audience to think of taboo subjects with an open mind. They show us a mirror to the thoughts that lie just beneath the surface. The project is an examination of love, sex, gender and the sometimes difficult memories that shape our views on all of the above.

In 2018 The Woman Inside debuted with a self-titled full length album. That record introduced a wildly experimental sound that mixes elements of avant-garde Rock and Electronic music into a distinct and immersive listening experience. In 2021 they followed with the ambitious double album “Red Room/Blue Room”

“Red Room/Blue Room” is the latest release by The Woman Inside, available worldwide on all major streaming services. The 26-track double album is a complex and often dark meditation on the subjects of sexual and personal identity. The record looks at the protagonist’s internal personal struggle with these issues as well as society’s views and judgements of them.

Much of the message is implied. The artist creates experimental instrumental soundscapes with themes expressed in cryptic titles, repeated mantras and dark poetry. They have created a character that lives on the fringe of society, observing us as though from another world. The Woman Inside reminds us that beneath our facade of normalcy lies a far more interesting and often disturbing narrative.

Musically, “Red Room/Blues Room” is a genre-fluid mix of fearless experimentation. From the opening proto-Punk intro of “I’ve Got to Guns” to the hypnotic introspection “I Know I’m Ready,” the double album paints a complex and unsettling portrait with a broad palette of analog and electronic colors. The record flows from Electro-Pop grooves (‘Black Girl’, ‘Never Lost Again’) to psychedelic electronica (‘Pregnant Child’, ‘I Love People’).

At times The Woman Inside invokes the sound of legendary outsiders like Tom Waits (‘Wild Time’) and Leonard Cohen (‘I’m a Girl Now’). However, the sound never stays still for long. Singer/songwriter tunes morph into Dark Wave electronic instrumentals. Freeform Jazz intros transition to orchestral scores set to Glitch beats (‘Dream Of Koe Oen’). A choirs of children shares dark thoughts over funky 8-bit chiptune beats (‘Hope You Die’)

Throughout the album’s rich musical journey, The Woman Inside draws lyrical images that blur the lines between love, hate, joy and pain. The message is often disturbing yet sometimes beautiful. It is a story as confused and complex as the human creatures for whom it is intended.

Check out the “Wild Time” video below. You can hear the song “No Man Can Kill, No Man Can Could” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and “Lost” on the Deep Indie Chill, or listen to the entire album on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with The Woman Inside. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this deeply talented and multifaceted artist.

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