Ahk Real – Goonies Never Die

ahk real
Ahk Real

Ahk Real is an emerging independent Hip-hop artist who first caught the attention of fans around the world in 2016 with his hit “Ten Toes Challenge.” The song’s viral live performance video has over a million views on YouTube. In 2021 the rapper reemerged with a new name and the track “Have My Own.” Since then the prolific emcee from Youngstown, Ohio has delivered three single. Now he has a brand new record on the way.

“Goonies Never Die” is the brand new single and video from Ahk Real’s new EP “Inshallah” dropping worldwide to all major streaming services on April 15, 2022. On the track, deep bass tones, piano arpeggios and a haunting synth melody ride a downtempo Boombap beat. Ahk Real steps to the mic and delivers a heartfelt old-school dedication to his lost homies.

The song’s video features the rapper standing in a graveyard as he gives a shout-out to the ‘Goonies’ that have crossed over to the other side. It is a story of gang violence, legal trouble and those who did not make it. It is a powerful image paired with a poignant narrative from a talented emcee.

Check out “Goonies Never Die” below. “Inshallah” will be available worldwide on all major streaming services on Friday, April 15, 2022. Follow the links below to connect with Ahk Real. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come.

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