Dr. Karenna Caun’s New 360° Take On Stage Fright

Dr. Karenna Caun
Dr. Karenna Caun

Dr. Karenna Caun MBBS, MRCP is an accomplished physician, educator and classical singer. Her broad range of expertise makes her uniquely and specifically qualified to undertake her latest project, a book about overcoming stage fright. Within the pages of “Boss Those Nerves!” the author brings together insightful observations culled from years spent on stage, in the classroom and in a lab coat.

As a performer Dr. Karenna Caun knows the issue first hand. An experienced classical singer and educator, she has worked with London Touring Opera, Preston Opera, Welsh National Opera Max and Birmingham Opera Company. Her notable operatic roles have included Amelia (Un Ballo in Maschera), Pamina and First lady (Magic Flute) and Leonora (Il Trovatore). 

Also an experienced physician and teacher, for years Dr. Karenna Caun has worked as trainer, healer and an artistic collaborator with some of the top musicians in the world. With a dual perspective of both artist and scientist, Dr. Caun has developed a 360 degree view in helping others achieve performing confidence.

“Boss Those Nerves!” documents the lessons the author has learned about overcoming stage fright, throughout her parallel careers in music and education. In 60 easily portable paperback pages, Dr. Caun provides easy to follow and practical advice for surviving and thriving in the face of otherwise crippling anxiety. Throughout the book, Dr. Karenna Caun uses a comfortable and casual tone, even when relaying some high academia. Fellow performers will find her mix of familiar conversation and subject matter expertise both comforting and reassuring. 

Suffering mental health issues is often a lonely and isolating battle. Here the author does an excellent job of letting us know that we are not alone. However this isn’t mere cheerleading. Over the course of 16 concise chapters, Dr. Karenna Caun offers real-life, actionable advice about everything from choosing good company to recognizing root-cause psychological issues. Because she is both a singer and a scientist, Dr. Karenna Caun is able to provide some really helpful tips for any musician, even those not suffering performance anxiety. For instance, the chapter on practicing through mistakes is excellent guidance for any performer. 

The book is packed with expert level advice on subjects ranging from mindfulness to accepting one’s uniqueness as a gift. While encouraging us to practice with frequency and discipline, Dr. Caun  also reminds us to view our uniqueness as a gift, not something to overcome. The pocket sized book fits easily inside any instrument case, for those times you need a little pick-me-up before stepping into the limelight.

Follow the links below to get your copy of “Boss Those Nerves!” The book is the perfect travel companion for any performing artist. Dr. Karenna Caun packs a lot of wisdom and experience into a small and easily consumable package. Artists will find themselves returning to it as a reference on any number of topics from self-affirming reminders to best practice rehearsal techniques. Connect with the doctor on social media to stay in the loop on all of her projects, both creative and scholarly.

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