Sativa Fire Drops New Pink Skies & Palm Trees

Sativa Fire
Sativa Fire

Sativa Fire is a band, a brand and a mindset. The project is the brainchild of Nick Pagniello. He is a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer and engineer with a deep love for the sweet leaf. The Madison, Wisconsin native first started making music in the early 2000s. Back then he called himself Nickademo. He and frequent collaborator DJ Organik released a handful of albums before Nick relocated to Florida in 2015.

By 2021 Organik had moved to Arizona. However, the distance did not hinder the creative duo. The reunited remotely and launched Sativa Fire with their debut single “Bong Rip Betty.” Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember their follow-up 2022 single “Coastline,” a fantastic song about surf, sand and getting stoned.

Pagniello explains that Sativa Fire is more than just a music group. He created the brand to connect with likeminded people, offering services in music production, merchandising, video production and graphic design. With a focus on Reggae, Hip-hop and weed, the company hopes to collaborate with artists of all disciplines around the world.

Our goal is to reach and inspire as many people as possible.

Nick Pagniello (Sativa Fire)

“Pink Skies and Palm Trees” is the debut EP from Sativa Fire, released worldwide to all major streaming services on 4/20. The five-song collection picks up right where “Coastline” left off. The record opens with the group’s eponymous theme song. The upbeat Reggae groove matches laid back Caribbean vibes with horns and some impressive Eminem-style chopping rhymes.

Although its title implies a heartbroken breakup song, “Why You Left Me?” is a bit more nuanced than that. It is a relationship post mortem, Nick and Organik stir things up with a Sublime-style Alt-Rock/Reggae groove and a healthy dose of humor. “Tacos and Tequila” follows with a fun and completely ridiculous ode to everyone’s favorite Mexican food and bev.

The title track “Pink Skies and Palm Trees” follows with a traditional Reggae groove that brings to mind some of Jimmy Cliff’s mainstream work. Sativa Fire spices up that island riddim with a couple of nice hard raps and a touch of Trap. “Smoke With You” closes out the set with the band’s signature sound set to a sexy 70’s Pop/Jazz mood. Smooth electric piano chords, ambient synths and breezy backing vocal harmonies set a cool and chilled-out scene.

Check out “Pink Skies and Palm Trees” below. You can also hear the song ‘Tacos and Tequila’ on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming services. Follow the links below to connect with Sativa Fire. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the many creative projects to some from this talented team.

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