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Noah’s Arcana

Noah’s Arcana was born when a group of multidisciplinary artists joined together to build a platform for collaboration and interaction with their audiences. The cohort of musicians, illustrators and poets create free content inspired by viewer suggestions. The result is an ever growing portfolio of beautifully executed videos featuring stylized visuals of original art, instrumental music and poetry.

Within the credits of each video we find a varied cast of characters. Each artist’s entry includes a link to their Fiverr profile. Viewers are encouraged to interact and to get involved. They are asked to leave comments on the videos and to use the opportunity to propose new projects for the team.

Consistent branding and a loosely defined cinematic theme adds a cohesive element to an otherwise ever-changing scene and cast of characters. The result is a wildly eclectic mix of sights and sounds, from the Reggae/Gospel foodie groove of “DAYUM” to a Russian Folk performance inspired by the manga classic Saint Seiya. That famous graphic novel is also the impetus for the guitar-shredding cinematic drama of “Shiryu vs Shura.” 

The impressive guitar chops continue on the excellent Dragon Ball Z remix. Rick & Morty even make an appearance with the ‘Evil Morty’ theme as interpreted by Mister G. The epic Game of Thrones theme “Light of Seven ” brings all the drama with strings, a vocal choir. Each video in the collection is matched with a soundtrack and cover art created by a contributing musician or digital graphic artist. 

Although the content is free, the concept is to ultimately make money for all of the artists involved by monetizing the channel with a growing viewership. Streaming and royalty income will be distributed to each artis involved on a track. Fans can also support each artist directly via links provided with each video.

Check out the Noah’s Arcana YouTube channel here. Check out “DBZ trap remix – Bulma” below. Get lost in their links and discover a community of uber talented and motivated musicians. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the collaborative projects to come.

Noah’s Arcana

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