Katie Barbato Previews New ‘The Trail of Us’

Katie Barbato
Katie Barbato

Award-winning independent singer/songwriter Katie Barbato made her professional solo recording debut almost two decades ago with the album Shootin for Noon. That record introduced a Philadelphia native and eventual four-time International Songwriting Competition Finalist with a soulful and deeply personal songwriting style and a sound that keeps one foot in her adopted home of Boston and the other in Nashville.

Katie Barbato has released a total of 9 albums since that debut, and is set to drop number 10 next month. In addition to her career as a singer/songwriter, the multifaceted multi-instrumentalist composes music for film and television. Her music has appeared in major productions on Netflix, MTV, Australian television and in the feature film “Sugar.” Her latest work is the product of a burst of creativity resulting from COVID-induced isolation.

“The Trail of Us” is the forthcoming album from Katie Barbato, scheduled to drop worldwide via all major streaming services on June 10, 2022. Born out of quarantine, the 14-song collection finds the singer contemplating life, love and purpose. In advance of the full album, the singer has released a four song sampler and is offering an album pre-order at Bandcamp.

“Blue on the Inside ” opens the EP with a series of lonely and wistful scenarios set to a mid tempo groove. As the track progresses it builds to an upbeat 90’s-style Alt/Pop rocker. The beautiful and melancholy “Embers’ ‘ follows. Katie Barbato sings of keeping up a brave face despite internal struggles on this Americana heartbreaker.

On “Time is an Illusion” the singer sets a chilled and contemplative mood with a cool Country waltz that is equal parts love song and existential poetry. “Tightrope” closes the sampler with an introspective self-love tune that is a little bit Country and a little bit Rock & Roll. Katie encourages us to carpe diem as she sings, “With all the hope you’re given/Come on and fall in love/The time is yours to spend.”

Check out Katie Barbato’s new four song sampler below and head over to Bandcamp to pre-order your copy of her brand new album “The Trail of Us,” available everywhere June 10, 2022. Follow the links below to connect with Katie Barbato and get in the loop.

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