YNMajor – Unexpected Losses Make Bosses


YNMajor is the professional name of emerging independent Hip-hop artist, Major Harris. The Macon, Georgia native dropped his first tracks to SoundCloud three years ago. He made his wide-distribution debut on all major streaming services last year with the single “Poured Up (2021 Remastered Version).”

Since his debut, the prolific artist has delivered over two dozen songs to SoundCloud as well as a handful of singles to other platforms. He has connected with Hip-hop fans around the world with popular tracks like “Nachos & Cheeze” and “Blessings.” Now he has released his debut mixtape.

“Unexpected Losses Make Bosses” is the brand new EP from YNMajor, released worldwide via YouTube on May 11, 2022. Not only is this the rapper’s first collection, it also marks the first time he has taken on the role of recording engineer. Frustrated by recording studio issues, the budding producer studied countless hours of YouTube videos and taught himself how to set up a studio and start recording.

The 9-song collection is a hypnotic mix of downtempo Hip-hop grooves, atmospheric music and drill raps. With the opening ambient synths and meditative melodic rap of “Armageddon” we enter YNMajor’s world of psychedelic vibes and Emo Trap beats. On tracks like “TMI ” and “Hop In That Bihty / No Drake ” he matches that mood with classic easy-listening Pop and Classical string samples.

The EP digs into some Synthwave vibes on tracks like “Moody Day / No Tay” and “Tropicana.” “Time” takes the sound into experimental territory with a bit of classic Funk. Throughout the record, YNMajor drops dreamy streams of consciousness freestyle raps in his unique flow that lands somewhere between chopping and mumble rap.

Check out “Unexpected Losses Make Bosses” below. Follow the links below to connect with YNMajor. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this uniquely talented emcee.

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