Electrancy – Secret Visual Art Technology


Electrancy is an independent music producer creating unique audio and video experiences from his studio in Huntsville, Alabama. The electronic music composer and visual artist launched his solo project in 2021. Previously he worked primarily behind the scenes as a producer and remixer for other artists.

In addition to his creative work, Electrancy is a technical developer. In recent months he has been working on a pixel rendering engine, sharing his progress along the way on his YouTube channel. The artist brings both his technical and creative skills to bear on his latest video.

“Secret Visual Art Technology (S-VAT)” is the brand new music video from Electrancy, released worldwide via Youtube on May 16, 2022. The track opens on a rolling Electro-Rock riff. Soon an old-school Hip-hop drum machine beat drops on the retro synth and electric guitar groove. The driving percussive Synthwave vibe brings to mind some of Alan Parsons’ instrumental electronic work from his Stereotomy era.

The producer pairs that hypnotic mood with some cool and trippy visuals. Multi-colored virtual clouds spin and swirl together to create an ever-changing psychedelic Rorschach scene. It has some great lava lamp energy.

Check out the video below and follow the links to connect. Get on his socials and get in the loop on his varied and numerous creative endeavors. And if you’re a musician or you know one that might need a remix, then go ahead and drop him a line.

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