Kno Yo Trax? A New App Wants to Know

kno yo trax

Is your mind an encyclopedia of modern music? Can you hum every riff and air drum every fill that you hear on the radio? Well, a new app is here to put your music maven status to the test.

Kno Yo Trax is the brand new app for both iPhone and Android that allows music superfans to test their knowledge of popular songs. The player starts by choosing a genre (Pop, Rock, or Hip-Hop) The app then plays a short MIDI version of the main hook or beat from a popular song. The player then must choose a song title from a list of multiple possible options. The concept is similar to a wildly popular 1950’s TV show called “Name That Tune.”

Necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of Kno Yo Trax’s invention, the motivational necessity was a cure for boredom. During the pandemic, the app’s developers were looking for a music trivia game that would challenge their own mastery of riffology. Most were too easy and included lyrics. They needed an app that would stick to the music. When none was found, they set out to create their own. After some successful market testing of their concept, the team recruited a developer. They created an app in just over a year.

The game is a lot of fun. It’s not easy, and can definitely be humbling. But that is the point. So brush up on the biggest hits of the past few decades and download your copy of the new app, Kno Yo Trax.

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