Vehicles – Belief in Habits


Vehicles is an original rock quartet who made their debut over 15 years ago with the album “Luna.” That record introduced the music of Cody Cloud. He is the singer, songwriter and mastermind behind the prog rockers, new wave bops and soaring power ballads that constitute the band’s sound.

The Vehicles have had a fluid roster through their tenure. As the years passed Cody has been joined by a who’s who of the Wichita music scene. In that time the band has released four albums, a string of singles and they have throughout the United States. The current lineup includes; guitarist/vocalist Isaac Pearson, bassist Tony Hull, keyboardist Cale Gubitz and drummer Thayne Coleman.

Vehicles were born out of the idea that many voices can come together to create transformational emotional experiences and connections…

Cody Cloud

“Belief in Habits” is the brand new album from Vehicles, released worldwide via all major streaming services on June 17, 2022. Born out of the frustration of pandemic lockdowns, the 11-song collection is an emotional pop/rock meditation on isolation and the very personal impact of a global event. Cody sets the mood on opening track ”Diamonds & Rhinestones” as he sings, “Stay with me… I’ve never seen you so alone.”

Musically the Vehicles’ sound is a lush and cinematic mix of classic analog synths and intricate, melodic guitar. Throughout the record we hear echoes of some of the great prog rock and early alternative artists like The Police, Rush and The Fixx. Like those pioneering acts, the band pairs art rock virtuosity with dark wave and new wave synth vibes.

Throughout the record, personal narratives are intertwined with social commentary. Cloud dissect the superficiality of the corporate world on “40 Hour Angels” and some dark personal themes on songs like “Devil in the Room” and the wistful relationship post-morten, “Keep the Receipts.” The stories and their meaning are as layered as the intricate mix of electric guitar and synth chords that create the album’s tapestry of sound.

Cody creates visceral moods with esoteric lyrical imagery. The band meets those complex themes with expert musicianship and an adventurous spirit as they mix their 80’s prog rock vibe with everything from punk to psychedelia on adventurous tracks like “Histrionicomma” and “Brooklyn.” The album’s mix of retro-future production, big minor-key drama and intensely urgent performances makes for an engaging page turner. 

Check out the excellent “Keep the Receipts” video below, or listen to the entire “Belief in Habits” album on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear that song and “Histrionicomma” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Vehicles. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the new to come from this exciting and deeply talented band.

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