Rhino Fight is Madlove & It Starts With The Bass

rhino fight / madlove
Rhino Fight / Madlove

Madlove is an alternative hip-hop duo formerly known as Rhino Fight. They are Marcus Clarke and Mark Rascati. The creative duo from Philly were best friends in high school who decided to start making music together. Nearly ten years later they are making new music and changing their name.

Mark and Marcus’ sound is laid-back downtempo groove that brings to mind classic trip-hop and alt/hip-hop groups like Morcheeba and De La Soul. The band credits their eclectic motif to the influence of a wide range of artists including The Beatles, Tyler the Creator and the great Velvet Underground.

“Starts with the Bass” is a popular track from the Rhino Fight/Madlove Soundcloud page, and it’s a great example of their uniquely cool vibe. As its title suggests, the song starts with the bass. A bass guitar meters out a single note heartbeat pulse as a psychedelic mix of guitars, keys and percussion enters the mix. They ride a chilled-out, downtempo boombap beat. Mark and Marcus take turns at the mic. Each delivers his own stream-of-consciousness freestyle, riffing hippie hip-hop themes of love, peace and weed with shoutouts to everyone from Mike Tyson to Poseidon.

Check out “Starts with the Bass” below. And follow the links below to connect with Madlove (formerly known as Rhino Fight). Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the music they have planned for the future.

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