King P on Hip-hop, Love & Redemption

king p
I Know You Know

King P is the professional name of emerging independent hip-hop artist Patrick Herrera. A skilled emcee and songwriter, P is a veteran of the Denver, Colorado music scene. After a long hiatus he recently returned to making music, inspired by the changes he has made in his own life.

Over the last two years King P has released a series of singles and videos to SoundCloud and YouTube. With a smooth lyrical flow and a taste for classic beats, Herrera makes deeply personal music with a style reminiscent of hip-hop’s ‘Golden Era’. 

My life is a story of redemption and hope. Music is a reflection of life. I hope to inspire others to leave the street life like I did.

King P

“I Know You Know” is a recent single and video from King P, available worldwide via the artist’s YouTube channel. On the track the rapper is joined by guest vocalist Kaylee Renee. The song is a snapshot of a relationship on the cusp of either success or failure.

Minor-key piano arpeggios and a downtempo boombap beat introduce the track. Kayley steps to the mic first. She delivers the song’s catchy chorus in which she questions whether or not her man is worth the effort. In the verse, King P states his case with a heartfelt confessional rap. He explains how he’s changed and promises a better future.

Check out the “I Know You Know” video below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below

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