Sarah Belle’s Powerful Debut

sarah belle
Sarah Belle

Sarah Belle is an emerging independent singer/songwriter making her debut in 2022. A native of Richmond, Virginia, she now calls Miami, Florida home. Prior to launching her professional solo recording career Sarah first honed her craft in private and eventually found work as a songwriter for other artists.

Earlier this year Sarah Belle dropped her debut single. That track introduced a soulful singer and talented songwriter with a classic and cinematic pop sound. She writes deeply personal songs that chronicle the challenges of being a twenty-something in a complex and angst-ridden world. It is a message that is already resonating with tens of thousands of fans around the world on Spotify and other streaming services.

In recent weeks she has dropped two brand new singles. The songs come in advance of the singer’s forthcoming debut EP “Spring.” Each shows a different side of a skilled and versatile artist. 

“Say U Love Me ” is a powerful and melancholy piano ballad torch song, released worldwide via all major streaming services on June 26, 2022. The song finds the singer alone at her piano. She sings a heart wrenching plea to her troubled lover for reconciliation and healing. An arrangement of orchestral strings gradually enters the mix for a powerful, cinematic sound.

“Quarter-Life Crisis” is a personal tale of familial strife and generational divide. An acoustic guitar rides a minor-key, dark indie-pop beat as ambient synths expand the horizon. Sarah Belle steps to the mic with a woeful tale of a girl in her 20s trying to find her way in a difficult world. It is a story that will ring true for many.

Music is the silver lining that unites us all. More than anything I hope that people listen to my music and feel less alone.

Sarah Belle

Check out the lyric videos for both “Say U Love Me” and “Quarter-Life Crisis” below. 

You hear “Say U Love Me” on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist and “Quarter-Life Crisis” on the Deep Indie Dive. Or check the lyric videos below, or listen to Sarah Belle’s music on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on her socials and join her on this new musical journey.

Quarter-Life Crisis
Say U Love Me

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