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We first heard from Taryn Lounsbury upon the release of her third EP, Wildfire. That six-song collection introduced readers of The Static Dive to a vastly talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist composer. Her sound is a rich mix of jazz-infused virtuosity and soulful pop songwriting sensibilities.

Taryn Lounsbury was raised near the Upstate New York town of Bethel, the location of the original Woodstock festival. The historical weight of coming from the Mecca of modern music is one of many shadows which have pushed the singer forward in her musical travels.  It is a journey which has led her to attend and graduate from Boston’s historic Berklee School of Music. She now works as a musician and music educator in Los Angeles, California.

On Friday July 22, 2022 Taryn debuts the brand new video for “Wildfire,” the EP’s title track and current single. Recalling the work of alternative pioneers like Kate Bush and U2, “Wildfire” is an inspiring and uplifting pop anthem. Over a cinematic mid tempo alt-pop production, Taryn Lounsbury sings a deeply personal yet universally relatable tale of wistful memories, growth and hopeful future. The song’s beautifully shot and edited new video draws parallels between the singer’s path and that of the film love-lorn star.

The singer and protagonist are both walking separate paths, while simultaneously discovering that much of their past experiences helped them to bloom into the fierce women they become. 
Taryn Lounsbury

Watch the brand new “Wildfire” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Taryn Lounsbury. Get on her socials and profiles and dive into her excellent new record, Wildfire.

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