Lightning Ray And The Gypsy Caravan Drop New Intergalactic Flamenco Rumba Rock Vibes

Lightning Ray and the Gypsy Caravan

Lightning Ray and the Gypsy Caravan are out of this world. That isn’t meant to be taken figuratively. They are aliens, from a small unpronounceable planet on the far side of the Andromeda galaxy. The group formed when the band’s namesake Ray and his sidekick Jerry (the only other permanent member of the Gypsy Caravan) intercepted radio signals from Earth.

The duo fully absorbed the sounds of our planet. They concocted a new musical formula made of equal parts flamenco, rumba and classic rock. The goal was nothing short of intergalactic harmony.

We recognize the ability of our flamenco rumba rock to make people dance as a powerful tool to be used in the interest of peace.
Lightning Ray

“Turn it Up” is the debut EP from Lightning Ray and the Gypsy Caravan, released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 6, 2022. For an extra-terrestrial band the group has a remarkably organic sound. Throughout the record, nylon and steel strings ride deep traditional flamenco and rumba waves, setting a timeless and international setting for the group’s eclectic interpretations of classics from across the centuries. 

A female Earth vocalist known only as ‘Marta V’ joins Lightning Ray and the Gypsy Caravan for the first three songs on the record. They open the set with an epic take on Led Zeppelin’s classic rock magnum opus, “Stairway to Heaven.” With just two guitars and vocals the trio keeps the track engaging for over nine minutes while capturing all of the drama of Robert Plant’s deep and meaningless poetry.

They keep the dial on classic rock for two songs from John and Paul. Somehow their lo-fi acoustic take on Lennon’s masterpiece is the most otherworldly track of the set. The visceral familiarity of the lyric, paired with the unexpected Spanish vibe, gives the song a surreal quality. The same is true of the group’s hypnagogic reading of the McCartney-penned Beatles classic, Eleanor Rigby.

Lightning Ray and the Gypsy Caravan turn to a classic of their chosen primary Earth-born genre with a faithful and virtuosic version of the iconic flamenco standard “Malagueña.” The group closes the record with “Turn it Up,” the only original composition and the only song on the record to feature a full band. The inspiring track rides an upbeat bass and drum flamenco groove. The group brings all of their varied influences to bear on the song, even including a nice psychedelic rock guitar solo.   

Check out “Turn it Up” in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the songs “Imagine” and “Turn it Up” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Lightning Ray and the Gypsy Caravan. Get on their socials and get on the loop on all of the music to come from these intergalactic minstrels.

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