Sarbendra Debuts With Uplifting Anthem


Sarbendra is the professional name of emerging independent composer and producer Sarbendra Pandey. Born and raised in Nepal, he write music in a wide range of styles. The diversely talented creator is making his professional solo recording debut in 2022.

I am not tied to a single genre. I create every kind of music.

Although he has been quiet publicly in recent years, the songwriter has used that time to compose new music. With a catalog of songs waiting in the wings, the prolific producer dropped his first track this week. The song is an intimate carpe diem tale of personal growth.

“Now’s the Time” is the debut single from Sarbendra, released worldwide via YouTube on August 13, 2022. A small piano and string ensemble opens the track with an emotional melodic ballad. Soon a female vocalist steps to the mic with a melancholy yet ultimately uplifting testimony.

The singer sings an inspiring tale of finally finding the life she had always dreamt of. A choir of background singers add flavor throughout the track and then join during the song’s memorable and anthemic pop chorus. A percussive timpani beat adds some cinematic power.

Check out the “Now’s The Time” lyric video below. Follow the links below to connect with Sarbendra. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come. Join this talented songwriter as he embarks on this new phase of his musical journey.

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