PsychCloned & Ry Jones’ New Look at Melodrama


Three years ago, North Carolina musician and gaming enthusiast Gabriel Pureco embarked on an ambitious new project. He adopted the superhero name PsychCloned and began composing music. His first endeavor was to create the score for a video game. Though that ill-fated project never materialized, it was the spark that gave life to a fascinating career. Gabriel would go on to compose a vast collection of experimental multi-genre original music. 

Readers of The Static Dive have followed PsychCloned from the beginning. In that time the prolific producer has released five albums, a dozen singles and two EPs. He has worked in classical, pop, jazz and electronic music with collaborators around the globe.

“Melodrama” was the debut album from PsychCloned. Originally released in 2020, the record featured eight compositions of dramatic orchestral music. Back then Gabriel worked solo. He paired his original piano pieces with the accompaniment of a digitally produced orchestra. In 2022 he is taking another look at the album.


Although I love and am very proud of my original work, I felt like the stories and sounds of each song needed to be revisited to capture the hearts of listeners.
Gabriel Pureco (PsychCloned)

“Melodrama: Re-imagined” is the brand new album from PsychCloned, released worldwide via all major streaming services on August 19, 2022. The record is a completely new interpretation of Pureco’s inaugural effort. For the project he employed the talents of his friend and frequent collaborator, UK artist Ryan Jones. Although primarily a guitarist, Jones is a skilled multi-instrumentalist and engineer. He brings all of his many talents to bear on the new record.

Although much of PsychCloned’s later work touched on many different musical genres and compositional styles, Melodrama is born of the cinematic world. From the nuanced opening theme of “Metamorphosis” to the closing credits, the record tells a video game inspired instrumental tale of fantasy and adventure. On the new album, Jones gives Pureco’s compositions the treatment they deserve with lush, organic arrangements. He gives the record a warmth that was lacking in the its first incarnation. He also includes his own brand new contributions on guitar, bass and keys.

Ryan Jones adds his exceptional guitar work to tracks like the beautiful “A Night Under the Stars” and “Camaraderie.” The latter song also features an excellent performance from Italian saxophonist Donata Greco. Throughout the record Jones brings new life to PsychCloned’s work with nuanced and natural sounding piano and strings. Tracks like the carnival-inspired “The Black Rings of the Regal Consort” and layered “Lost in Thought ” further expand the ensemble to include drums, vibraphone, harpsichord and even a little bit of trap.

There is an implied narrative that flows through the record. The pieces tell a story, like the score to some great movie we’ve never seen. We may not know the particulars, but the trajectory is clear. The tale ends with the title track, an epic sixteen minute battle between good and evil.

Check out “Melodrama: Re-Imagined” below. You can also hear the track “A Night Under the Stars” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with PsychCloned. Get on his socials and dive into a rich catalog of original music.

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