Maugic’s Emotional Take On Gravity


Maugic is an aspiring singer with a classic pop sound. The Seoul, South Korea native made his debut on YouTube earlier this year. For his channel, he produces piano and vocal covers of popular songs in both English and Korean.

With emotionally powerful versions of songs like John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine”, he has connected with fans worldwide. After launching just two months ago, his videos have already received over 20,000 views. Although the project is new, Maugic got his start in music 13 years ago when he taught himself to compose and produce.

Lim Jae-beom's latest song, The Traveler, has the lyrics "I'm afraid that nothing will happen and disappear". I started because I thought that leaving behind the things I am good at and I love is a very meaningful thing.

“Gravity” is the latest video from Maugic, released worldwide via YouTube on August 21, 2022. The track is a cover of the smash hit heartbreaker originally written and performed by Sarah Bareilles. Alone at his piano, the singer delivers an understated yet powerfully emotional performance. A gifted vocalist, he maintains all of the emotion and drama of the original while effectively imprinting his own mark on the track.

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