Projekt Horizon’s Uplifting Rap/Metal Vibe

projekt horizon

Projekt Horizon is a veteran independent modern rock/rap crossover band. Formed in 2005, the Swiss group consists of the multi-instrumental musical team of Andri Arpagaus and Lou Zarra. A number of musicians have come and gone over the years. However, it’s always Andri and Lou who remain. 

Since their debut the band has released three full length albums and a string of successful singles. In 2017 the songwriting duo decided to make a new album without any collaborators. No longer encumbered by the distraction of unreliable bandmates and ever changing line-ups, they set out to realize their vision.

The result is a new 10-song collection of high-octane, high-drama hip-hop hybrid rock & roll. Stand up Again is the brand new album from Projekt Horizon, released worldwide via all major streaming services on August 19, 2022. Five years in the making, the record pairs melodic metal power with smart, introspective lyrical hip-hop.

From the biblical prog-rock punch of the album opener “Adam” to the pop/rock/trap of “Hero”, Stand up Again has powerful metal chops and hip-hop flow. Throughout the album the duo tell a motivational story of persistence and perseverance. Tracks like “Be Strong”, “Wheel of Fortune” and the title track set self-empowering messages to a soundtrack of head-banging guitar-fueled rock. The performances are exceptional throughout.

Calling on influences from across the decades of rock and rap, Projekt Horizon has shaped their modern sound from elements of alternative, metal and old-school hip-hop. Tracks like “Dirty Bastard” and “Rockstar” pair catchy Nickelback-style pop/metal hooks with a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers funk. Lyrically the record packs a motivational and empowering message. The nostalgic sing-along anthem “Summer of 99” is a real highpoint.

Listen to the album on your favorite streaming service. Watch the title track video below, or check out that song and “Summer of 99” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Projekt Horizon. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this exciting and creative team.

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