foxhound Drops Exciting Debut LP


foxhound is the professional name of an otherwise anonymous emerging independent music producer and beat maker from Northern California. He is making his professional solo recording debut in 2022 with a brand new album. The record introduces a talented 19 year-old Oakland native beatmaker with a wildly creative sound.

Citing the inspiration of artists like JPEGMAFIA, Death Grips, Kanye West and neo-expressionist art icon Jean-Michel Basquiat, foxhound first started making beats about 5 years ago. In that time he experimented with a number of different DAW (digital audio workstation) recording platforms. He also wrote and recorded a lot of music which the artist is now releasing in one massive collection of beats.

I had some beats lying around that I felt the world needed to hear.

“Heartless with Zeal” is the new solo album from foxhound, released worldwide via all major streaming services on August 5, 2022. On the record the adventurous producer takes listeners on a wild ride through a genre-defying mix of breakbeats, found sounds and original compositions. It’s an exciting debut from a versatile and deeply talented artist.

Be-bop jazz samples ride percussive abstract beats (“Who Calls”, “It’s Time That’s Trying to Kill You”). 60’s pop meets lo-fi hip-hop (“Hypno”) alongside experimental avant-garde electronica (“Crime Scene”, “Pistachio”). Classic video games become hyperpop experiments (“GET!) and movie scores are reimagined as downbeat chill-hop grooves (“Natalia”, “29? When Will He Stop?”). It is a fun and surreal listen.

Check out Heartless with Zeal in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the track “Marvin” of the Deep Indie Beat playlist and both “l’état, c’est moi” and “Piano Finale” on the Deep Indie Chill. Foxhound is actively looking for singers and rappers with whom to collaborate. If you are looking for some beats, follow the links below to get in touch with this talented creator.

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