Chris Woodward’s New Take on Kate

chris woodward

Chris Woodward is a veteran producer who first made a name for himself as resident DJ at the influential early 2000s UK label, Buzzin Fly Records. Discovered by label founder and internationally known artist and producer Ben Watt (Everything But the Girl), the young Woodward worked side by side with Watt on an international club and festival schedule. He also produced and remixed tracks for a number of other artists during the label’s ten year tenure.

In recent years Chris Woodward has focused more on the business end of his career. However, throughout that time he has also quietly been releasing banger original tracks and remixes on his SoundCloud page. He recently dropped a newly reimagined take on a Kate Bush classic.

“KBCW” is Chris Woodward’s new remix of “Watching You Without Me” from the legendary Kate Bush record Hounds of Love. Nearly 40 years since its release, the album has recently found new life in the public eye thanks to the prominence of the song “Running up that Hill” on the latest season of Stranger Things. Chris dug a bit deeper into the record to take a new look at lesser known album cut.

A four-on-the-floor beat pulses at the heart of “KBCW.” Chris Woodward sets Kate’s downtempo psychedelic track to a mid-tempo dance groove. That simple step of upping the beat transforms Bush’s dreamy meditation into a catchy pop melody. As the track progresses, the producer seamlessly weaves together his own rhythms and synths with the classic 80’s alternative electronica of the original.

Check out “KBCW” below, and then dig into Chris Woodward’s deep catalog on his SoundCloud page. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this talented DJ and producer.

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