MMATEO’s New Post-Rock Soundscapes


MMATEO is an emerging independent composer and producer who made his professional solo recording debut in 2022. The multi-instrumentalist Jacksonville, Florida musician first started playing guitar in childhood. He eventually taught himself to record and MMATEO was born. 

He debuted in May with the instrumental single “thank you, frankie”. That track introduced an eclectic creator with an experimental yet sophisticated approach to composing. He cites an eclectic list of influences, ranging from punk/alternative rock pioneers The Clash to Ohio-based post-rock indie hero, Cloudkicker (aka Ben Sharp).

“Sukhoi” is the new two-song EP from MMATEO, released worldwide via Bandcamp on September 6, 2022. It is a short and beautiful record with a rewind-worthy mood. The set opens with the organic, lo-fi avant-garde jazz experimentation of “Ad Nauseam ”. Guitars, bass and synths ride a loose organic beat. The track is followed by the title track. In under two minutes he drops Zappa vibes, a hint of Spanish guitar and more wonderfully abstract improvisation. 

I wanted to express this time in my life and the area that I am living in through sounds. The sounds are lush, disjointed, unapologetic, dynamic, and nostalgic. Sometimes hopeful, then derailed.

Check out “Sukhoi” below. Or download your own copy at Bandcamp. Follow the links below to connect with MMATEO. He has a series of releases planned for the foreseeable future. Get on his profiles and join him on this exciting new musical journey.

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