Real Music LLC – New Global Label & Podcast

real music llc

Real Music LLC is a brand new record label and podcast in search of new talent from around the world. Based in Delaware, the company was founded in November, 2021 by Liberian entrepreneurs Isaac Dahn (Realpapa), Manue L. Singbeh (Real Mama). The duo formed the company to help emerging artists create and maintain business connections while upholding responsible corporate and social ideals. 

Equally committed to both the creative and business interests of their artists, Real Music LLC (RM) is focused on promoting the general well-being of the community and helping struggling artists become financially self-managed and self-reliant. RM’s goal is to bridge the gap between human development and resource development through entertainment.

Realpapa hosts the label’s podcast From the Real Music LLC studio in Delaware. From there he connects with a global community of artists. He interviews emerging artists from around the world and highlights the company’s free weekly contest, Global Upcoming Artists Promotions.

The team at Real Music LLC is gearing up for season two of their podcast. They are calling on independent artists around the world to submit music for consideration. Your music could be featured on the show and in the weekly contest. RM is always on the lookout for new artists to join their label as well. Follow the links below to submit you music today and connect with a global audience.

Connect with Real Music LLC

Season 1 Winners:

Dr. Ab Music (Liberia)
Real Fazo (Senegal)
Kin Groove (Liberia)
Mom Dope (Sierra Leone)
Real Solx (India)
Star Haiti (Liberia)
Mbakara (Nigeria)
P-Carlos (Liberia)
C.Kizz (Liberia)
Rev Kwadu (Ghana)