Kelly Monrow Drops New LP ‘Scars of Venus’

kelly monrow

Kelly Monrow is a multidisciplinary artist who found her voice during the lockdown that was 2020. A successful actor who has appeared (as Kelly Dowdle) on hit shows like Lucifer and American Crime Story, like the rest of the industry the Texas native found herself with an abundance of unwanted free time when the pandemic shut down television and film productions around the world. Then an enlightening experience on psychedelic mushrooms led the artist to an epiphany, and a long lost passion.

I made a promise to myself that when I came out of that experience, I was going to attempt this music thing.
Kelly Monrow

It has not been an easy journey for Kelly Monrow. In her twenties she left Austin for Los Angeles and an ill-fated marriage. After her divorce the singer found herself alone and starting over in New York City. Then the pandemic happened.  

Rising above those hardships, Kelly Monrow emerged transformed in 2021 and ready to realize her long deferred dream of becoming a Country singer. She teamed up with her friend and producer Dean Sams of superstar country group Lonestar, and started writing. She debuted with the bluesy hit single “Mama Said.” The three-song EP Pronia and a string of successful singles followed. In the process the singer has connected with millions of country fans worldwide.

After months of commuting between NYC and Nashville, Kelly Monrow is now ready to drop her debut full-length album. Scars of Venus is the new nine-song collection of hard-learned lessons and empowering declarations of independence from Kelly Monrow, available worldwide via all major streaming servicesFrom the fist pumping defiance of “Woman” to the dark pop examination of past trauma of “Wounds”, Kelly Monrow bares her soul and claims her throne. Along the way she takes us on a country-fueled genre-bending ride.

Scars of Venus beats with a Nashville heart, however Kelly Monrow infuses plenty of New York, LA and Austin into her sound. A 90’s alternative rock/pop vibe runs through tracks like “Do it for Them” and “Pain Turns to Love”. The record’s mix of Americana guitar grit and slick electronic production makes for a sound that is both deeply personal and accessible.

Monrow is not afraid to take stylistic chances, and they pay off. “Go For Gold” is an exciting, percussive inspirational anthem with a healthy dose of EDM in its DNA. Radio-ready pop choruses on tracks like “Jagged Heart” and “Wake Up” provide all the makings of a crossover smash.

Check out Scars of Venus below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the tracks “Jagged Heart” and “Go For Gold” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Kelly Monrow. Get on her socials and get in the loop.

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