PsychCloned’s International New Melodía


The Static Dive readers have followed the evolution of PsychCloned’s music from the beginning. He is North Carolina-based and Mexico-born composer/producer, Gabriel Pureco. He made his debut in 2020 with a cinematic, electronic instrumental sound inspired by the music of his favorite video games.

Over the next two years Gabriel experimented with progressive rock, jazz, classical and pop music. He has collaborated with musicians and other artists from every corner of the globe. PsychCloned brings them all together for his latest release.

“Our Melodía” is the latest single from PsychCloned, released worldwide via all major streaming services on Friday October 14, 2022. An epic 8 minute instrumental, the track takes us on a fantastic fusion ride through island grooves and jazz moods. Spanish guitar interludes meet 70’s funk jams and tijuana horns ride calypso congas.

From the Herbie Hancock-inspired electric piano vamps to the ska trombones its beach vibe outro, “Our Melodía” sounds alive. We had the chance to chat with Gabriel Pureco of PsychCloned about the track. Read his answers to our 6 questions

Check out “Our Melodía” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with PsychCloned. Get on his socials and follow his journey.

6 Questions PsychCloned about 'Our Melodía'

Tell us about “Our Melodía”

Our Melodía is a fun multi-genre blend of experimental fusion that brings the entire PsychCloned cast together! I wanted to show the world the beautiful melodies and rhythms we can make with artists from all over the world!  

Our Melodía showcases the utmost power of teamwork, collaboration, and friendship as all these musicians have become a staple in my artistry. I also want to use this song to thank the designers that have helped me with all my album artworks and promotional materials! 

Who are the musicians on the record?

It is an international ensemble, featuring:

Ryan Jones (UK) – Guitars

Marco Ignacio Toba (Argentina) – Bass

Camilo D.G. (Brazil) – Piano/Keys

Donata Greco (Italy) – Sax

Tyler Rumore (USA) – Trumpets and Trombones

Space Hobo (Ukraine) – Drums

Who created that fantastic cover art?

The album artwork credit goes to HoneyArtDiaries who is based in Thailand. She has helped me with several recent artworks, including: Phoenix, Canvas, Little Treasures, and the upcoming Night of the Haunt single.  She also personally drew all the 22 individual graphics for the Perlivash music video hosted on YouTube!  

I am always amazed at how perfectly she captures my visions and details.  No matter how complicated and intricate the story, I can count on her to create mesmerizing and vivid works of art that I can proudly feature as the final designs for my singles, albums, and EPs.

The cover features flags from around the world. Was that inspired by your multicultural band?

Absolutely. All in all, the “Our Melodía” artwork features 8 flags representing the artists/collaborators from each of the musicians’ countries as well as those of artists who have contributed graphics to PsychCloned releases in the past. They include; Aryan Kraft (Netherlands), HoneyArtDiaries (Thailand) and me (Mexico, my avatar in a Mariachi outfit).

If I could fit more flags in there, then I would have also squeezed in idenyijoel (Nigeria), Lerocque (Switzerland/Portugal), and Nemanja Jovanovic (Serbia)! Joel is another designer who has helped me with album artwork in the past and Lerocque is kind of like a superfan/hypeman.  Even though he has his own music to produce and promote, he never misses a beat in spreading my new tunes to his fans and listeners!  It almost feels like he wants to ensure my music is heard all around the world in the same way as his own! 

Nemanja, on the other hand, is another phenomenal musician who has helped me in songs like: Raindrops, Sakura, Bloom, Dreamer, Lunar Eclipse, and the upcoming Night of the Haunt single. He thinks very similarly to me when it comes to producing music.  It is not only an artform and a means of expression, but each song living story full of adventure and spirit! His mastery of orchestrations is something I wish to learn more from and I am stoked to hear he is back and ready and able to collab with me on more music for the future! He had to take an extended break from music production, for personal reasons, but now that he is back, I hope you all are ready for a fierce Halloween-inspired PsychCloned treat coming your way October 28th!

Lastly, I cannot forget about you and role The Static Dive has played in the growth and development of my music.  I find your style of writing very warm, welcoming, and homey, almost like you take care in connecting with each song before putting your pen to paper.  Because of that, I have had a few of your avid readers reach out to me on Instagram and even one of them has joined the PsychCloned family as an additional Mixing and Mastering Engineer. His name is Matthew Mitchell (UK) and he actually mixed/mastered Our Melodía.  Fortunately, the US and UK flags are already a part of the album, so your influences will forever be a part of this song!

That’s pretty cool to get all of those shoutouts in there.

If it was not for all these people from around the world, then none of my music would exist in today’s form and capacity!  Collaborative songs and projects have brought so much life, energy, and perspective to my songs that it has really allowed me to grow exponentially as a musician and I cannot wait to see where this growth and inspiration takes me in 2023.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I am extremely thankful for all the love and support from my family, friends, and fans who will always be instrumental to my continued drive for producing music!  It always warms my heart to hear how each song impacts them.  I hope to keep relying on them in the future!