G.O.M. Debuts New Smooth Jazz SMILE

G.O.M. is a new smooth jazz ensemble from Florida making their recording debut in 2022. Though the band may be new, its roster features a quintet of seasoned pros. Each member of the five-man crew brings with him a history packed with decades of a-list live and recorded gigs. 

The group formed when veteran New York City guitarist and now a South Florida resident Paul Stewart teamed up with Felix Gomez (keys), Rafael Valencia (bass), Goetz Kujack (drummer) and, Ron Fattorusso (sax). Together and individually, they have played with the biggest names and at the most coveted venues in music. 

The smooth jazz vibes of G.O.M. are infused by decades of pop, latin, rock and r&b music. The band members’ resumes are dotted with the names of legends like; Julio Iglesias, Bob Berg, Clarence Clemmons, Gloria Gaynor and Tito Puente. As seasoned session players, they helped pioneer many of the sounds that now inspire their own music.

“SMILE” is the debut single and video from G.O.M., released worldwide via YouTube on October 26, 2022. The song is the first to be released from the band’s forthcoming debut album MOOD 1 -The Miami Sessions. With a sound inspired by idyllic scenes of the southern Florida coast, G.O.M. creates the perfect blend of smooth jazz chill and virtuosic musical
chops. It is the sound of five consummate professionals having a great time sharing the music they love.

Check out the world premiere “SMILE” video below. Follow the links below to connect with G.O.M. Get on their socials and get ready for MOOD 1 -The Miami Sessions.

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