Angeliki Cordalis’ Healing Musical Journey

angeliki cordalis

Angeliki Cordalis was born into a life of music. Her career began at just three years old, when she and her brother Lucas sang backing vocals on their famous father Costa’s single “Anita”. Costa Cordalis was a native of Greece who moved to Germany as a teen and later became an international singing star. Angeliki was the female lead on Cordalis productions and performed with her father, touring the world for nearly thirty years.

In 2021 Angeliki Cordalis launched her solo recording project. With it she introduced a purposeful new direction for her career. Following a deeply moving spiritual experience in which the singer felt “all-embracing love”, her purpose in this earthly existence became immediately clear.

"With my voice I enable divine frequencies of love to enter our earthly realm..."
Angeliki Cordalis' Healing Musical Journey 1
Angeliki Cordalis

With recent releases like “Chakra Meditation ” and “Soul Breath ”, the singer has tapped into the healing power of 432Hz music. The number refers to the frequency at which the note A4 is tuned, which is traditionally 440Hz. However, music tuned to 432Hz has been shown to possess powerful spiritually and psychologically healing qualities. 

Cordalis harnesses this power to create ethereal music to manifest vibrations of peace, joy, love and abundance. She hopes to inspire and guide listeners to remember their true selves so they may become the highest expression of themselves.

"I am not here to preach or teach, but to share my heart and self-discovery."
Angeliki Cordalis

The future promises more spiritual exploration, healing and growth for Angeliki and her fans worldwide. The singer was recently invited to perform with international healing music gurus, Deva Premal & Miten. She also has plenty of new music of her own on the near horizon, with a forthcoming single “Soul Journey” and the subsequent album “Infinite Light”.

Listen to Angeliki Cordalis’ music below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the Saint of Sin collaboration “Soul Breath” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. and follow the links to connect with the artist. Join her on this healing musical journey.

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