BandsNear – Find the Best Bands Near You

BandsNear is an exciting new site that connects fans to live events from their favorite artists around the world. In a world overrun with information, it can be difficult to find the entertainment news that matters amidst all the noise. The site sifts through the mess to create customized announcements and event schedules, tailored to a user’s specific personal tastes.

The company is the brainchild of software developer and entrepreneur, Herlon Aguiar. For more than a decade the innovative creator has worked to bring a number of start-ups and apps to market. After a soft launch this summer, Aguiar debuted his latest endeavor in September 2022.

There are no fees for users or artists. The site is completely free. To experience the full functionality of the site, visitors are encouraged to login via Spotify. Once BandsNear is connected to a Spotify account, the software customizes concert and other event announcements based on the visitor’s musical tastes and geographic location.

"It's 100% a life hack. You simply connect your Spotify account and BandsNear organizes all the events from those artists. You can filter the ones close to you and buy your ticket with just a few clicks!"
Herlon Aguiar
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By utilizing and integrating existing technologies, the software is able to present a truly personalized experience for each user. It is able to do so without the need to collect any personal information beyond that which is already available via Spotify. The site pulls artist data from websites like Ticketmaster and Spotify. To be included in BandsNear searches, artists only need to make sure their tour information is up-to-date on those public directories.

Follow the links below to connect with BandsNear. Get on the site and connect your Spotify. Cut through the cacophony and start exploring your live entertainment world.

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