Bloody Stool Debut Album – Theory Of Volume 1 (Heavy Funkin’ Metal)

bloody stool

Bloody Stool is a hard rocking band from Florida with a unique sound and an even more unusual backstory. The quintet first got together in prison. They bonded over a mutual appreciation for funk grooves and metal power.

The band consists of Buckford “Bucky” Haighte, Jr. (vocals), Thomas “Trimm” Carpenter (guitars), Ernie “Rip” Flinquel (guitars), Felipe “Gator” Reeno (bass), Richard “Dick” Hickory (drums) and Chauncey “Chunk” Blackwell. They met while all were serving time at the Florida State Prison in Raiford. Once they paid their debts to society, with nothing left to lose they hit the studio.

The Bloody Stool sound is a wild mix of riff-heavy metal and deep funk jams. The band calls it “heavy funkin’ metal”, and it is an apt title. They recently introduced their vision to the world with their debut eight song LP.

Theory of Volume 1 (Heavy Funkin’ Metal)  is the brand new album from Bloody Stool, released worldwide via all major streaming platforms on August 8, 2022. The record opens with the motivational jam “Unless U Funkin’ Can’t”. The song’s tenuous balance between positivity and aggression is a perfect introduction to the band’s entire vibe. “Let it Breathe” continues the sentiment with a cool experimental mix of hyped-up, jazz-infused drums and retro electronics. 

Throughout the record, the band introduces sounds and styles from across the musical spectrum into their electro-metal sound.  From the pop hook of “Girl U Want” to the Pantera meets Rush groove/art rock of “PissNot”, they mix expert musicianship with an infectious sense of abandon. The album’s sub-title track “Heavy Funkin Metal” serves it up nicely with a downbeat groove featuring live drums, an 808 kick, Primus-inspired bass and big fat power chords.

The band offers a number of clever nods to their heroes. “Use Me” is not exactly a cover of the Bill Withers classic of the same name, but it is certainly an intentional homage. Even more subtle is “Bounced”, which takes a bit of lyrical inspiration from the P-Funk classic “Can You Get to That”.

"Think of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic getting into a fist fight with Black Sabbath, while Rage Against the Machine is covering James Brown tunes in the background."
bloody stool
Bloody Stool

Check out Theory of Volume 1 (Heavy Funkin’ Metal) in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming services. You can also hear the song “Unless U Funkin’ Can’t” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Bloody Stool.

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