C.O.R.Y’s New Prada Balaclava

c.o.r.y Prada Balaclava

C.O.R.Y is an emerging independent hip-hop artist who made his professional solo recording debut four years ago with a series of original tracks on SoundCloud. They introduced a talented rapper, singer and songwriter with a taste for sad downtempo trap grooves. The 26 year-old emcee has been busy ever since.

Working from his home studio, C.O.R.Y mixes and masters his music himself. He has released dozens of tracks to SoundCloud since his debut. The prolific creator recently dropped his first new music of 2023, and the track is already one of his most successful ever.

“Prada Balaclava” is the brand new single from C.O.R.Y, released worldwide to SoundCloud on Friday January 13, 2023. A solo piano opens the song and sets a melancholy scene. Melodic synths paint the edges of the mix as the beat drops on a lo-fi, downtempo trap groove. C.O.R.Y steps to the mic with a dark, freestyle emo rap about a femme fatale ex.

Check out “Prada Balaclava” below. Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist. Get on his SoundCloud and social media profiles, and get in the loop on all the music to come from this talented Midwest musician.

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