MeeM’s Dreamy Indie Parisian Vibe


MeeM is an emerging independent songwriter and producer from Paris, France. They made their recording debut in 2022 with the five song EP L’Orphelin du Zeitgeist. That record announces the former rocker’s entrance into the indie dream-pop scene. It is but the latest chapter in a decade-long musical journey for the artist.

"I make dream-pop but my influences are mainly from the metal/grunge scene... I made this EP to introduce the genre to the French, and to thank this kind of music for everything it did for me."

Working with artists from around the world, MeeM makes ethereal and organic indie pop/rock. It’s a live and natural sound. Since its release, the EP has connected with fans worldwide. 

“Anomie mon ennemie” is the current single from their debut EP L’Orphelin du Zeitgeist. A solo electric guitar opens the track, slowly picking a melancholy chord progression. Soon, live bass and drums enter the mix and the beat drops on a downtempo indie-rock groove. Violin, ambient synths and some blues guitar all join the ensemble as the song progresses. A sultry female vocalist floats above the dreamy scene.

Check out “Anomie mon ennemie” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming services. MeeM has much more music planned for the new year. Follow the links below to stay in the loop.the

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