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blue meditation music

Blue Meditation Music is a brand new YouTube channel established with the expressed intent of helping viewers find their chill. Whether you’re intro transcendental meditation, long walks in the forest, or afternoon naps; odds are, they’ve got the playlist for you.

Launched in 2022 by a group of creators in Poland, Blue Meditation Music pairs original instrumental music with idyllic scenes from nature. Since their November debut, the channel has published a dozen new videos. Each flick is carefully curated to have just the right desired relaxation effect. 

A solo piano softly plays melodic classical music as we watch picturesque arial scenes of exotic cliffs and distant seas. We follow seagulls on a tour of the world’s oceans and swim past vibrant deep sea scenes. We soar above great northern forests, floral meadows, and steamy tropical valleys.

Themed videos with titles like “Relaxing Rain Music” perfectly pair sound and sight to create a soothing and meditative mood. Each film is an hour long, however most are intended to have their desired effect much sooner than that. Whether it be intentionally sleepy piano music, or the deep ambient synths and ethereal soundscapes of the channel’s mindfulness meditation videos, internal harmony is the goal.

"You will learn how to find inner peace..."
blue meditation music
Blue Meditation Music

Check out the Blue Meditation Music introductory video below, and follow the links to connect, and subscribe to the channel. With new videos and more original music already scheduled for publication, it will be exciting to watch this new channel grow in 2023.

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