3 Most Promising Music Tech Companies in 2023

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3 Most Promising Music Tech Companies in 2023

Technology has revolutionized the music industry in numerous ways. The rise of digital music distribution platforms has made it easier than ever for artists to distribute their music worldwide and reach a global audience. 

With the introduction of streaming services, music lovers can access an unlimited library of music from their mobile devices, which has made music more accessible and has created new revenue streams for artists. Additionally, music production has become more accessible with the advancement of digital audio workstations, allowing artists to create professional-grade recordings from their own home studios. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence tech and machine learning has also been instrumental in transforming the A&R process, music discovery, and the way royalties are paid to artists. Here are the three companies that are shaking up the industry and changing how we make, discover and license music in the future.


Songtradr is a global music licensing and royalty collection platform that connects artists with businesses and content creators who need music. The company offers an innovative music licensing platform that streamlines the licensing process for music supervisors, brands, filmmakers, and other creative professionals. Songtradr provides access to a vast catalog of pre-cleared music, making it easy for users to find the perfect song for their project. 

Songtradr also offers services for artists and music rights holders, including distribution, publishing administration, and royalty collection. Through its integration with several major music distribution services, Songtradr allows artists to distribute their music to major streaming platforms and collect royalties from all of their streams in one place. Songtradr is also dedicated to using technology to make the music industry more transparent and fair for artists, with features like its free music monetization service and data analytics tools that help artists understand and grow their audience.


Tunedly is revolutionizing the traditional music publishing industry by using an innovative web application to democratize music scouting. The platform uses an anonymous “masked music discovery” approach to remove listener bias and provide an objective and inclusive listening experience, and AI analyzes listener behavior to identify potential up-and-coming artists. The company has also introduced a new model that empowers music enthusiasts to earn TunedCoins and NFTs by discovering future hits on the platform.

The platform partners with Spirit Music Group to sign exclusive publishing contracts with talented artists and provide opportunities to place their music in major label projects, TV shows, and films. Tunedly also incorporates blockchain technology and AI technology into the A&R process, establishing itself as a trailblazer in the music industry. By democratizing the industry and creating a more inclusive and transparent environment, Tunedly is changing the way music is discovered, promoted, and rewarded.


LANDR is an artificial intelligence-based mastering platform that allows musicians and creators to polish their tracks, make them sound more professional and ready for distribution. The platform offers a suite of tools that can help users to adjust the levels, equalization, and stereo image of their music. It also provides a range of mastering presets that allow users to choose the sound and feel they are looking for. In addition to the mastering service, LANDR also provides a music distribution service that allows users to release their music on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. LANDR was founded in 2014 and is based in Montreal, Canada.