Jack Justice – Apocalypse Comes (Tiny Wang)

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When Marin County, California-based musician Jack Justice saw the one year anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine approaching, he decided to commemorate the grim milestone in song. The Virginia native is known for writing lighthearted country-tinged indie/Americana examinations of everyday life. On his new single, the songwriter turns his attention to Grampa in his bunker.

Justice says, “The University of Omaha and the National Institutes of Health recently conducted a study to determine Vladimir Putin’s motive for invading a non-threatening neighboring country. Their research suggested that Vlad’s actions may be driven by a deep-rooted psychological insecurity, which began early in life.” Jack took that cue and decided to dig a bit deeper into the potential source of those insecurities.

“Apocalypse Comes (Tiny Wang)” is the brand new single & video from Jack Justice, released worldwide via YouTube on February 24, 2023, marking the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine. Justice is joined on the track by an ensemble of musicians from NorCal to Munich and Milan. They lay down a smooth indie-folk rocker with shades of classic and southern rock.

Alternating between the perspective of an analytical narrator, and that of Putin himself, Jack Justice offers his insight into the root cause of the chief antagonist’s psychological maladies. After first exploring the childhood trauma of being raised by the KGB, the singer gets to the heart of the matter by offering the ‘tiny wang’ theory suggested by the song’s title. It’s a smart, funny and fitting comeuppance.

Check out the video for “Apocalypse Comes (Tiny Wang)” below. Jack Justice and the musicians who appear on the song ask that you please support Ukraine by donating the charity of your choice, or by visiting their GoFundMe. Follow the links below to connect with the artist.

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