B.E.S. Debut New ‘Playlist’


B.E.S. is an emerging independent experimental house music trio making their debut in 2023. The Washington, DC based group creates a hypnotic dance/pop vibe. Their sound is a genre-bending mix of electronic and organic instruments, and a global influence. With roots in both North Africa and Spain, and a band name inspired by the Egyptian god of music and laughter, the group’s members bring a broad cultural palette to the mix. 

Playlist is the debut album from B.E.S. released worldwide via all major streaming services on February 3, 2023. The collaborative songwriting and production team composed most of the songs on the 11-song set, with the exception of two. “Zaalim” and “Devil Made Me Do It” contain samples that nod to classical music masters Beethoven and Bach, respectively. That kind of diversity is central to the B.E.S. sound. From the classical/synthpop/house of “Devil Made Me Do It” to the dreamy percussive closer “Inty Hayati”, B.E.S. paints a beautiful and mysterious portrait on the new album. They spin the sounds of modern EDM, retro-pop, and world music into their own distinct groove. 

A mix of strings, percussive and ambient electronics and haunting vocal harmonies create a cool deep house vibe on tracks like “I Need You” and the mesmerizing “Zaalim”. Elsewhere the group weaves pop hooks through ethereal progressive house, trance, and lo-fi hip-hop grooves on songs like “Gone Too Soon”, an emotional tribute to a fallen friend, and the infectious title track “Playlist”.

“Hypocrite” mellows things out with some spoken-word poetry and a downtempo trip-hop mood. Tracks like “No Use in Cryin” mix worldbeat vibes and dubstep bass. The sultry “In Summer” continues the international fusion, adding a bit of Spanish guitar to a deep house mix. Through all of the stylistic exploration, B.E.S maintains a cool confidence and laid-back funk that tie the record together.

"The album is an experience that is meant to transport you to a higher state of wellbeing."

Playlist has been getting some traction on SoundCloud lately. Check it out below, or listen on your favorite streaming service.  You can also hear the songs “Gone Too Soon”, “In Summer” and “Playlist” on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with B.E.S.

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