Koong’s Revolutionary Music Distro

KOONG is a brand new music distribution platform that promises to revolutionize the way musicians get paid for their work. In the current digital distribution model followed by most DSPs, artists must work with a third party distributor in order to push their music to streaming services. Revenue from streams is usually delayed by months and must pass through many hands before the artist receives their small share.

On Koong, musicians and fans access the same platform, simplifying the flow of music, money and information for everyone. Founded by South Korean creative design executive Taewon Kim, Koong is built on the unique “self-upload” system. Musicians around the world who write and compose their own work may upload their music to the system. 

Revenue of the copyrighted content is distributed transparently. Artists may set their own prices for their work and keep 80% of the revenue. 5% is donated to events and concerts that require equipment and other costs, and the rest of the revenue goes into marketing fees.

Buy music, sell music and connect with artists and fans. The site features multiple genres and artists from around the world. Registration is simple and artists can begin uploading their music right away. Profit from music sales is paid directly to the creator’s bank account with a transparent payment structure. 

"Head to the website today and start your very own music journey!"