Isaiah Mclaughlin New LP ‘Afterlife’

Isaiah Mclaughlin

Isaiah Mclaughlin is an experimental electronic artist who has carved a unique and successful niche for himself since his 2019 solo recording debut. Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer from a string of EPs and his 2022 debut full-length album Paradise. Since his debut the prolific creator has released two singles, five EPs, and now his sophomore LP.

The genre-bending artist’s sound is a wildly creative mix of dark-pop, EDM and alternative. Isaiah Mclaughlin writes deeply personal songs with lyrics that delve into matters of religion, love and past trauma. These are themes and narratives that span across multiple releases.

Afterlife is the latest album from Isaiah Mclaughlin, released worldwide via all major streaming services on October 14, 2022. The 13-song set continues the producer’s experiments in electronic soundscapes and hypnotic, often esoteric vocals. The artist explains that the new record represents an evolution of a sound set forth in his previous releases.

"Paradise has more of a futuristic vibe toward it. Afterlife has a darker alternative futuristic undertone throughout the whole entire album. The lyrical content ranges from paranormal to environmental concerns. "
Isaiah Mclaughlin
Isaiah Mclaughlin

The record opens with the classical piano arpeggios and minor-key synths of “Insidious”. Soon a trap beat drops as the singer delivers his dark meditation. Isaiah Mclaughlin albums are all about the flow. Individual tracks represent subtle changes in mood and style.

Through the first half, the record transitions through varying flavors of electronic beats. From the low-key house of “Will You Follow It?” to the dark trip-hop moods of “San6”. “Khaleesi” pairs a jungle rhythm with deep industrial vibes, while “Summer Breeze” pairs Isaiah Mclaughlin’s introspective poetry with an infectious mid-tempo 80s-inspired synth-pop groove.

Musically, the record takes a more cinematic turn in the second half. Tracks like the excellent “Ray of Light” and the dark ambient “Make a Change” match the gravity of Isaiah Mclaughlin’s lyrics with epic and thunderous beats. The album closes with the mesmerizing percussive title track.

Check out Afterlife in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song “Ray of Light” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and “Will You Follow It?” on the Deep Indie Dance. Follow the links below to connect with Isaiah Mclaughlin.


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