MC Reiin – When It’s Your Time

mc reiin

MC Reiin is an emerging independent Christian hip-hop artist who made his debut three years ago with the single “Come”. That track introduced a skilled emcee from Memphis, Tennessee. He is on a mission to share the word with hip-hop fans everywhere.

Since his debut, MC Reiin has released a string of successful original tracks via his popular YouTube channel. Rhyming on subjects of money, fame and faith, the rapper finds the folly in our modern world’s obsession with money and power. His music serves as a counterpoint to the rampant materialism found in most of today’s popular hip-hop.

“When It’s Your Time” is the brand new video from MC Reiin, available worldwide via YouTube. In the clip we see the rapper on the streets of Memphis, surrounded by family and friends. A cinematic minor-key piano plays over a hard trap beat as Reiin steps to the mic with a shoutout to all of the friends and family he has lost.

"We love our families and truth be told everybody gotta leave some day. "When it's Your Time" came from a heart place. I lost my dad and all I have to remember him is a necklace and pictures."
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MC Reiin

Check out “When It’s Your Time” below. Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with MC Reiin. Get on his socials and dig into a rich catalog of inspiring hip-hop.

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